Health & Safety


BRIDGEPORT ENERGY LIMITED is devoted to the highest level of quality, health, safety and environment wherever it operates. This demonstrates BRIDGEPORT’s commitment to ensure consistent and efficient management of issues relating to quality, health, safety and the environment. The health and safety of staff and contractors are well aligned to the requisite standard of professionalism and safety operations as outlined in the Company’s core values.

In meeting these commitments, BRIDGEPORT aligns and supports all local legislations and applicable health and safety regulations based on global best practices in ensuring the health and safety of its staff and contractors are not in danger.  The system promotes continuous improvement by on-going measurement and evaluation of performance against established standards. It also provides an effective QHS&E management interface with clients and contractors.

Recently, industry practices to operate cleaner and safer environments, by protecting it, have been on the front burner in the last few years with the introduction of cleaner energy initiatives. This enables us to conduct our operations more efficiently and effectively.  BRIDGEPORT ensures that all activities are executed taking into cognisance the stake and welfare of the host communities by being sensitive to their genuine concerns.  It is our policy to engender the locals in these communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes and recruiting and training selected few for jobs within their communities.

Risk assessments for the environmental aspects of our business and developing procedures are regularly conducted to address the system and reduce impacts on the environment. The company also monitors, through inspections and audits, to ascertain level of impacts and enable proper control measures to be implemented. The company has an QHS & E desk headed by a senior staff who reports directly to the Managing Director. A quarterly meeting, which is chaired by the Managing Director, is held to review the QHS & E policy of the company and make changes or recommendations where necessary.