Our experience helping clients optimize operational integrity of their onshore and offshore

assets including mitigating challenges, and improving reliability, safety, production and asset protection. Our operations extend to Power, Gas and Oil Asset integrity management expertise.

We offer:

  • Pipeline Integrity Management
  • ​Pipeline Pigging, Descaling & Decoking
  • Pipeline Pre-commissioning & Maintenance
  • Nitrogen Purging and Leak Detection Testing
  • Chemical and Tank Cleaning Services
  • Retro-Jetting & Oil Flushing Services.
  • Controlled Bolt Torque and Tensioning.
  • Wellhead & Crane Maintenance ​
  • Structural Integrity Management
  • ​Corrosion & Prevention Control
  • Risk Assessment
  • Facilities Inspection & Maintenance
  • Fitness for Purpose Assessment
  • Corrosion Failure Analysis and Investigation
  • Asset Life Extension Studies
  • Wireline & Coiled Tubing Services